Thema: Geld verdienen mit clixsense + neue Tricks (Nachweis Zahlung 50 $)

steve008 12.06.2012 12:13

Clixsense is a paid to click/ptc website where users get paid to view ads of advertisers. You also get paid certain amount to do task such as website signups. Clixsense has been in business since 2007 and has very little complaints and has a forum which is good indication that this website is legit. I would always encourage users to invest there time on websites with forums so you can see all users feed back. Clixsense has paid over two million dollars to its members and theres many proofs all over the web

-Payout Method: PayPal , Payza , LibertyReserve

-Minimum Payout: $8 for Standard members / $6 for upgraded members.

Cashout - Wait Time :
Weekly on Mondays

My proof payment :

Step by step on how to Sign-up in Paid to Clixsense :

Step 1: Click the Link below:

click here to Sign-up

click here

And you will be redirected into this page after clicking the the link!

Step 2: Click the SIGN UP or REGISTER button and fill up the form (see below):

Step 3: Click the Activation Link sent to your email (see below)

Step 4: After the activation you will be redirected to the site's log in page. (see image below)

Step 5: After Logging in, you will see your ACCOUNT SUMMARY on the top of the page. Explore the site.

Step 6: Now you are ready to earn $$$ through clicking ads!( see image below)

Step 7: After clicking the ads, a site on a new window will appear showing the captcha. Click the correct captcha and the timer will countdown.(see example below)

Step 8: Click all the remaining ads! Until no ads isa available to click! Refresh your page and recheck your ACCOUNT SUMMARY.


Ways to profit:


TASKS, ClixSense Gold Mine

TASKS is a new and exciting way to earn additional income on ClixSense, I called it Gold mine when I managed to achieve in 2 months what I can achieve in whole year from ads.
For me, No doubts TASKS is ClixSense Gold mine. One task may made your day and compensate all the ads you missed to click.

The amount you can make is up to you. Each task can pay you between a few cents to several dollars per completion. The higher paying tasks of course require more work on your part.

More about tasks,

A task or job is simply a set of instructions that you follow, and get paid for it. For example, there may be a task to categorize images or videos, make google searches, etc...
Most tasks can be completed multiple/unlimited times by you. But, in some cases when we limit the work or pause the job, a message will display on the screen to explain this.
Certain tasks will require you to "train" for the task before it's completed. Meaning you will be evaluated to see how well you perform in doing the task before you are able to complete it.

Pay attention to any instructions in the tasks or hints attached to questions you answer incorrectly -- these are critical to your success in completing the tasks.
Your accuracy and credits are displayed in the top pane of the task. Please familiarize yourself with our tasks page before you attempt any.

Many of you will frequently fall below the minimum accuracy threshold for a particular task, at which point you are no longer permitted to continue working on that particular task. Do not get discouraged as this is to be expected and does not reflect a bug. You are then most welcome to participate in any of the other available tasks.


ClixGrid: Click to Win up to $5.00

ClixGrid is easy to play. Just click anywhere on the picture and win up to $5 that goes directly into your account balance! Each click will open up a sponsor's site that you will have to view for up to 10 seconds. After this time has passed you will know if you are a winner or not.

My ClixGrid Stats
Chances (Left/Total) 0 50
Clicks (Today/Total) 50 3,109
Winnings (Today/Total) $0.00 $2.10


Clixsense Offers

Clixsense offers is a new way to increase your earnings on Clixsense. click on the "Offers" tab which is located at the top of the page. This will display all the available offers to you.

This is a great new feature offered by Clixsense. An active Clixsense members can now earn more daily just by completing these offers.

click here to Sign-up

click here

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