Thema: Cool multi-currency tap style game.

golbus 19.02.2018 12:34
Available cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash Dash
The main income comes through completing missions. The higher the level, the greater the reward.
You can also earn with the help of game mining (does not use the resources of your computer). At first, the figures are very low, but they increase quickly enough as HPower increases. When HPower reaches 1000, referrals can be earned in missions.
There is a daily bonus with a multiplier until the end of the month (for example, if you during the calendar month every day took the bonus, then at the end the reward will be multiplied by 30). The site is also available internal exchange between currencies, which greatly simplifies the achievement of minimum payout: bitcoin-50 000 satoshi, dogecoin-100 doge, litecoin-400 000 litoshi

golbus 19.02.2018 12:37
Twice received payments from the project, here are screenshots of the evidence Payout on faucethub Ask questions, talk about your strategy.

golbus 23.02.2018 06:57
Hello, everyone. The game is quite simple and clear, so that there is no special strategy. My actions in short-activate the mission from the highest level (I have 13) all coins, then down 12.11... below 8 levels do not have time to activate, as during this time there is already a arrival from high missions that run again. Energy to run is typed in, the machine every 10 minutes, it can slightly accelerate the solution of the captcha. Crystals are better to save and use until you reach at least 10 level, do not forget to take the daily bonus, do not hesitate to ask questions, good luck to all.

golbus 27.02.2018 13:27
Hello everyone, another payout from the game, the request was made today and immediately got on the faucethub for 2 not full month of received about 2 million litoshi, good luck to all.