Thema: Do you like this Mafia City game ?

alfredred 30.05.2018 05:19
To gather resources; swipe up / right / left and find the resources; once found, tap on it and send your troops to gather resources.

Reviews for Mafia City game were mixed. Grand theft auto, its open world what sterile and empty. But they were missing the point. If you play Mafia expecting GTA with hats, you're going to be disappointed. Play it as a story-led linear shooter and it's one of the best examples on PC.

3. Complete Your Objective
Drive near one of the AI ​​humans on foot and their pre-press reactions kick in, launching them in a seemingly random direction. Sometimes, this would be towards safety; more regularly, they'd hurl themselves into speeding traffic.

Dan Vavra was the lead designer on Mafia and Mafia 2. He's starting work on a new project called Warhorse. Vavra has started a new development project blog which promises to deliver an honest account of the trials and tribulations of a new studio trying to bring a game to market.
Initially, I'm impressed with the cops. They stop bumping along the road when they send them tumbling over their hoods.
Against last year's catalog of wonderful games, Mafia City H5 was a disappointment. Civilization Movement Narrative was interesting, its soundtrack was stellar, and its faux-New Orleans setting was gorgeous at times.
Mafia City official site (yotta game studio), chinese version mafia game name is 黑道 風雲 H5 , thank you!