Thema: mafia game resumed with Vito and Joe inside the blown-up conference room

alfredred 13.06.2018 03:53
Overall, I'm optimistic about Mafia City based on what I saw. The span from 1944 to 1950-something may not be as exciting as mob life in the Prohibition era, but it's still a change of pace from the Grand Theft Auto and Godfather games. I like zoot suits and shotguns and Cadillacs; I'm sick of cell phones and movie tie-ins and annoying cousins that want to go on man-dates. So even though I haven't played the first mafia online, there's probably something for me in Mafia City. I just hope it doesn't involve too many more nothing's-happening moments than what I saw in Room Service.Once the wires were connected, the game entered a cut scene showing the scaffolding ascending the hotel. Then suddenly – gasp! – the bomb went off early, shattering the window right below our heroes' feet. Joe took the scaffold back down to have a look at their handiwork and – surprise, surprise – the mob boss wasn't dead. He stumbled out of the bathroom, wondering aloud (rightly so) what the hell just happened.

Here's where where the realism falls apart for me: if you could look into the conference room, wouldn't you have seen that the boss wasn't there? Or if he was – do you really expect gamers to believe that in the three seconds' lapsed time between the wiring of the bomb and the cut scene showing the bomb going off that the mob boss could have gotten up from the head of the table and made it all the way into a toilet stall?
Whatever. The mafia game online resumed with Vito and Joe inside the blown-up conference room in hot pursuit of the mob boss. We got to see more of the gunplay and that shotgun came in handy as Joe and Vito shot their way past mob goons, innocent passers-by and room service carts to get to the elevators, get down to the basement and get into the getaway car. Another short cut scene informed us that Marty was dead (big shocker) and then the game resumed with Vito and Joe in their getaway car in pursuit of the mob boss's getaway car.

The Room Service mission was over and Grace ended the demo with a little Q&A. The take home points he had for the media are that Mafia City is a game that will be more polished than Mafia I, with a better combat system and supposedly a better police system (which we didn't get to see). He also stressed that while this is a sandbox game in terms of size, it's still a linear story that the player is following to one of the possible four endings.
So while there are what you'd call "side quests" where you're building your mob reputation by "helping" people, the progression of the story is not measured in persistent day and night cycle. Everything feeds back into the fiction, Grace said, describing how police interference would actually go down over the course of the game as you gained more mob influence because you'd presumably have cops on your payroll (his words, not mine).
I'm not sure precisely how this "sandbox with structure" will work since we weren't shown a time jump between the 40s and the 50s. Grace tried to describe it with an example where, if you did a mission that brought a lot of heat to you or your crew, the game wouldn't just pick up the next day with you guys doing the same old thing. You'd have to hide out for a while and the game would move forward in time to a couple of weeks or months later, when things had died down.
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