Thema: Neu- und Umgestaltung des Forums

banner4you 27.04.2012 09:54
Bin ja noch recht neu, aber als Neuankömmling habe ich mich in wenigen Minuten zurechtgefunden. Ist ja ähnlich wie das PrimusPortal ;)

Sandint 06.11.2017 15:48
danke für die info

Irantour 24.07.2018 04:46
Visiting the International Persian gardens can be an special experience for you in your journey to Persia. Persian garden is an particular type of architecture and garden which is invented by Iranians. Persian garden has some unique characteristics in design which can be seen almost in all of them: they're surrounded by tall walls, they're on the way of a water stream, have water pool, have a summer pavilion and there are lot of tall trees and plants in them. This types of garden which is a part of paradise on the earth is an icon of Iranian architecture, history and culture. The oldest evidence of Persian gardens found is believed to be imprinted on the oldest flag of the world, "Shadad flag" (dates back to 3500 BC.). However, the oldest Persian garden found is Pasargadae garden which was built by Cyrus the Great. Persian garden was the 13th Iranian site inscribed on UNESCO heritage sites list. Pasargadae, Eram , Chehel Sotun , Fin , Dolat Abad , Pahlavanpour, Abbas Abad, Shazdeh and Akbarieh are the names of the gardens which are registered on this list. The structure of persian garden is thus adapted by some other countries in the construction of their garden (eg Taj Mahal). Hope you enjoy visiting Persian gardens in your Iran trip !